…and still it falls.

“Rain, rain go away.  Come again another day…”.   Almost heretical words for an Australian, but there is moderation in all things…or at least there should be.  I live in a part of the country named the Sunshine Coast, for pity’s sake!  I’ve seen precious little sunshine since I moved here ten months ago.

However, if it is going to rain then it behooves me to do other things with my Christmas break.  At the moment that involves the kitchen.  Last night I turned the last of the Christmas turkey into pies, and was able to freeze them, thereby avoiding the after holiday glut of certain foods.  However, I still have a tray of mangos to deal with, and other assorted fruit.  My freezer is going to be filling up fast.

Of course, when I went to the grocery store today,  I walked past a fridge full of whole free range chickens, marked down for clearance (nearing their use-by date).  Not that I really needed something else in my freezer…which is why it is now coming along nicely in my slow cooker (the best way ever to cook a roast!).

I bought one other thing not on my list..a jar of organic minced chillies.  Australian made too.  Chillies have not previously featured highly on my list of common ingredients, but now that my son’s taste buds are slowly maturing, I am trying to introduce him to new tastes.  And pre-minced chillies means I don’t have to worry about accidentally getting chilli juice in my eyes while preparing them (and yes, that’s the kind of kitchen accident I would have).

Slowly, I am eradicating the last of the processed stuff in my pantry.  It would have been nice to have chucked it all out and started over fresh in one go, but my budget precludes that kind of drastic action.  Besides, it’s a big learning curve, just realising how much food is processed.  And yes, my chillies are technically processed (i.e. de-seeded and minced) , but careful perusal of the label reassures me that they have not been preserved with bad things.  For that matter, the meat I buy is processed…and I am certainly not about to hunt it down, kill it, and dress it from scratch.  The day that becomes my only option, I will become a vegetarian.


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