Fat AND stupid!

Walking slows progression of Alzheimer’s, study suggests.

This is just one of the latest, in a number of studies, that are observing the positive effect exercise has on Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.  They cannot claim that exercise cures these conditions, but there is evidence to suggest that exercise can delay, moderate and possibly prevent (kind of hard to prove the last) these diseases occurring.

One of the things that baffles me is why so many people fail to realise that lack of fitness affects your brain.  Everyone knows it affects your heart, your vascular system, the organs of your digestive system and so on.  But it is as though everybody thinks the brain operates independently of the rest of the body.

‘Fraid not people.  The brain is just another organ, and your overall level of fitness and health impacts on that organ as much it does any other organ or system in the human body.  Moreover, there have been scientific studies completed showing definite links between obesity, and both decrease of cognitive function and increase of dementia.



Maybe you’re happy to let your body decay and atrophy around you.  But are you happy to know that your brain is doing the same thing?  Your mind is what makes you YOU.  Look after it.


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