Kids, get A’s in school…exercise!

Yet another study has been released, examining the relationship between physical fitness and academic results in children.  It’s becoming apparent that when so many schools in different countries minimised or eliminated  physical education as a part of the curriculum, in order to focus on academic subjects, that they totally messed up.  As I have stated before, the brain is actually a part of the body, and if exercise  has a positive effect on every other bodily function, then that has to apply to the brain as well.

There are some very specialised programs running in different schools in the US.  One school runs yoga sessions between classes.  A teacher in a socially disadvantaged school received a grant to purchase treadmills to put in her classroom.  When her students find themselves struggling with their lessons, they can run on the treadmills for ten minutes.  This has had significant impact on class performance.  Now, some other schools are instituting something similar.

The one good thing the obesity epidemic has done for society is  to focus interest on the effects that being overweight and unfit  have on the human body and performance.  As a result we are learning more all the time about how to optimise our health…and in this case, our children’s academic performances.  So, perhaps instead of spending all that money on extra tutoring for your child…or even private schools…parents could be directing that money into sporting and fitness activities.

New study: Exercise helps children think.


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