Personal training vs plastic surgery

Let’s start with the math.  Say it cost you $30,000 for legs, bottom, stomach, back and arms (and that is probably not high enough, particularly if you use a reputable surgeon.  Now say you saw a personal trainer, three times a week,  at the cost of $100 per hour( based on capital cities – most probably less expensive elsewhere).  That is TWO years of personal training sessions (and you don’t have to pay it all up front like you do with the liposculpture).

After two years of that kind of intensive physical training, you are going to have a beautifully sculpted body, and along the way you will unlearn all your old unhealthy habits, and replace them with new healthy habits.  You will improve both your cardiovascular system, strengthen your bones, sculpt muscle, and improve brain function.  Your skin,hair, and eyes will all look brighter, healthier, firmer and more youthful.  You will have increased energy, and be happier and healthier.  You will substantially reduce the risk of many diseases.  You get none of those things with plastic surgery.  Yes it’s instant…but it’s not permanent.  Not unless you invest time and further money in changing your lifestyle, including diet and exercise.  There simply is no comparison between the two options.

And there is also the personal component.  You will see your surgeon probably three times in total.  But those three hours a week with a personal trainer is going to give you someone who will motivate you, encourage you, push you when need it, sympathise with you and cheer on every little success you have.  Who doesn’t need someone like that in their lives?

So, forget quick fixes…nothing worth having was ever easily attained.  Instead, change your life forever, in the most positive way possible.

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