Baby Bodies (aka un-yummy mummies!)

There are times when women in the public eye really make me want to puke.  They project such unreal images of women, in so many phases of their lives.   The one that really gets me going is post baby.  Six weeks after the baby’s birth, when most women are going in for their post-natal checkup, and have barely assimilated all the changes in their life as a result of the new bundle of joy, actresses, singers and their ilk are doing photo shoots, demonstrating how swiftly their bodies have “bounced” back to normal. Continue reading

Kids, get A’s in school…exercise!

Yet another study has been released, examining the relationship between physical fitness and academic results in children.  It’s becoming apparent that when so many schools in different countries minimised or eliminated  physical education as a part of the curriculum, in order to focus on academic subjects, that they totally messed up.  As I have stated before, the brain is actually a part of the body, and if exercise  has a positive effect on every other bodily function, then that has to apply to the brain as well. Continue reading