Getting up and running again

Well, this is my first post in a while.  Blame it on life.  Prep classes before the uni semester started again, and of course, getting into the swing of the new semester.  Not to mention starting a new part-time job, and of course, getting the munchkin organised into various sporting activities.  It’s been hectic.

However, I finally found myself with time today to take a breath, and actually logged in here to see what’s been happening (aka, has anyone continued to visit my blog while it’s been static?).  Which, I am happy to say has been happening, and has cheered me immensely, and given me the boot in the pants to get started again.

My courses this semester include functional anatomy, and sports medicine, so I am sure they are going to jumpstart me in many new directions.  In addition, I continue to pursue the cause of clean and healthy food.

So here’s crossing my fingers that I get the ball rolling smoothly again.  And start writing something of substance.  😀

South East Queensland, Australia Floods


These photos are all taken and submitted by locals, as of Sunday 9th January.  Rain is forecast for the week ahead, with no indication of when it will stop.  I’m lucky…I live halfway up a mountain and won’t be flooded out.  But a lot of people are going to find out what happens when governments zone former swampland, as suitable for urban development.  If the rains continue and the flooding spreads into densely populated areas, this could become Australia’s biggest natural disaster in many years.

Your pics of Coast flooding – 9.50pm | Sunshine Coast | The Sunshine Coast Daily.

Personal training vs plastic surgery

Let’s start with the math.  Say it cost you $30,000 for legs, bottom, stomach, back and arms (and that is probably not high enough, particularly if you use a reputable surgeon.  Now say you saw a personal trainer, three times a week,  at the cost of $100 per hour( based on capital cities – most probably less expensive elsewhere).  That is TWO years of personal training sessions (and you don’t have to pay it all up front like you do with the liposculpture). Continue reading

I’m Posting every day in 2011!

Well, this blog is still brand new, but I am already making the reckless and scay decision to commit myself to the challenge of posting something every day for 2011.  First thing this morning, I was reading a blog I follow, and the blogger there was giving advice on success in this area, and stated he beleived daily posts were essential.  Then later in the morning, WordPress sends out an email encouraging people to undertake the exact same challenge.  I’m not usually big on omens, but in this case have decided that it couldn’t hurt, right? Continue reading

The meaning of life?

I have been on something of a journey of discovery over the last year.  I knew my first year at university was going to be challenging, and also that it was going to teach me many new things…but I didn’t realise it was going to take so many threads from my life and actually weave them together in a way that actually makes sense. Continue reading