Baby Bodies (aka un-yummy mummies!)

There are times when women in the public eye really make me want to puke.  They project such unreal images of women, in so many phases of their lives.   The one that really gets me going is post baby.  Six weeks after the baby’s birth, when most women are going in for their post-natal checkup, and have barely assimilated all the changes in their life as a result of the new bundle of joy, actresses, singers and their ilk are doing photo shoots, demonstrating how swiftly their bodies have “bounced” back to normal. Continue reading

After the deluge

The floods here in my current home state of Queensland have not yet revealed the full scope of the damage they are causing.  Certainly, people can see the loss of lives and property damage.  The estimates of what this is going to mean economically are already being made.

But the matter that has not really been touched on, is what this is going to do to people in that most private of places, their minds. Continue reading

Where’s an ark when you need one?

I live in South-east Queensland, in Australia, which is currently suffering terrible flooding in a number of areas.  I watch the news each night, to find out what is happening.  It is horrifying to hear story after story of people who have had homes and businesses ruined by flood waters.  Whole townships have been flooded, and the damage is almost incalculable. Continue reading

Poisonous People

We’ve all encountered them, the people who manage to tarnish your life, and leave you feeling frustrated, angry and at times, like you’re walking on eggshells.  Usually they do nothing that can be specifically defined as unforgiveable; their taint is cumulative rather than administered in one large dose.  Often, they rely on the fact that you can’t get away from them (e.g. relatives, work colleagues, acquaintances) because it would be rude or unkind of you to treat them the way you would like.  They especially rely on the fact that those they make unhappy are effectively crippled by common politeness and social boundaries from treating these poisoners as they deserve. Continue reading