Don’t justify being fat!

One of the things that concerns me about our obesity ridden society are the innumerable stories people tell themselves to justify why it’s ok to carry excess body fat or even to be obese.  This is not aided by the amount of research being done into the reasons people gain fat and subsequently fail to lose it, because people fail to understand the implications of the research and simply use it as still another justification. Continue reading


Where’s an ark when you need one?

I live in South-east Queensland, in Australia, which is currently suffering terrible flooding in a number of areas.  I watch the news each night, to find out what is happening.  It is horrifying to hear story after story of people who have had homes and businesses ruined by flood waters.  Whole townships have been flooded, and the damage is almost incalculable. Continue reading

Love your food.

I recently changed my pay-for-tv package, and the new pack included a lifestyle channel.  I was pursuing the different offerings and was blown away by the sheer number of cooking shows.  And I know there are a lot more out there, because these were only British shows.

Now why is it, that in this current day, when more and more people rely on fast food, dining out, and processed and pre-packaged foods when they do eat at home, is there such a following for cooking shows?  I mean, I know people who come home with their takeaway, and then sit in front of the television to watch the latest episode of Jamie Oliver or Master Chef.

My belief is – and I am still working out the fine details – that food is essentially important to human beings.  And I don’t mean in the blatantly obvious don’t-eat-enough-and-we-die way.  I mean in a gratifying, nurturing, and comforting way.  Food features in religious ritual, in festivals and celebrations, and even in courtship.

But the more we devolve into a society that pulls a pre-packaged meal out of the freezer or pantry, maybe add water, and then  heat and eat, the less we experience all of the positive, reassuring emotions that have always been associated with the production, preparation, and consumption of food.

I am going to be exploring these ideas more over the coming months, both in line with my ongoing university studies, and when I find the time, in researching different aspects of my ideas and questions regarding food and the role it plays in our lives.  I hope you are interested in following along to see what I can discover.

Are you a whore? Now answer me politely!

A female friend of mine received an email on a dating site today (this isn’t the ubiquitious “friend”  who is really me – I’ve received this kind of email too, but not today).  The sender of the email is married, but apparently he and his wife choose to “play separately”.  So, he is soliciting “playmates”. Continue reading

Poisonous People

We’ve all encountered them, the people who manage to tarnish your life, and leave you feeling frustrated, angry and at times, like you’re walking on eggshells.  Usually they do nothing that can be specifically defined as unforgiveable; their taint is cumulative rather than administered in one large dose.  Often, they rely on the fact that you can’t get away from them (e.g. relatives, work colleagues, acquaintances) because it would be rude or unkind of you to treat them the way you would like.  They especially rely on the fact that those they make unhappy are effectively crippled by common politeness and social boundaries from treating these poisoners as they deserve. Continue reading

Want to lose weight? Be happy!

A new scientific study examines the connection between depression in women and their ability to lose weight.  A number of news sources have already published articles about this study.  It’s big news, right?  It’s about women losing weight, or at least some explanation of why women struggle to lose weight, so it’s certainly going to garner readership from people in the trying-to-lose-weight category. Continue reading

…and still it falls.

“Rain, rain go away.  Come again another day…”.   Almost heretical words for an Australian, but there is moderation in all things…or at least there should be.  I live in a part of the country named the Sunshine Coast, for pity’s sake!  I’ve seen precious little sunshine since I moved here ten months ago. Continue reading