When the supermarket is empty…

…how do we survive?

This is a question quite a few people seem to be asking at present here in Queensland, at least based on the myriad of comments on news articles about panic buying. Continue reading


After the deluge

The floods here in my current home state of Queensland have not yet revealed the full scope of the damage they are causing.  Certainly, people can see the loss of lives and property damage.  The estimates of what this is going to mean economically are already being made.

But the matter that has not really been touched on, is what this is going to do to people in that most private of places, their minds. Continue reading

South East Queensland, Australia Floods


These photos are all taken and submitted by locals, as of Sunday 9th January.  Rain is forecast for the week ahead, with no indication of when it will stop.  I’m lucky…I live halfway up a mountain and won’t be flooded out.  But a lot of people are going to find out what happens when governments zone former swampland, as suitable for urban development.  If the rains continue and the flooding spreads into densely populated areas, this could become Australia’s biggest natural disaster in many years.

Your pics of Coast flooding – 9.50pm | Sunshine Coast | The Sunshine Coast Daily.