Our daily bread…

…except mine isn’t.  Back in November I decided that I was going to completely swear off buying bread.  I have been baking specialty breads for a couple of years now, and when motivated, made regular bread for sandwiches.  But I decided that in my quest to improve all the food in my life, bread had to be one of the first things to be revamped.   In this case, this means making it all myself (dealing with the whole commercial flour concerns will be tackled later in the year – one thing at a time). Continue reading


When the supermarket is empty…

…how do we survive?

This is a question quite a few people seem to be asking at present here in Queensland, at least based on the myriad of comments on news articles about panic buying. Continue reading

…and still it falls.

“Rain, rain go away.  Come again another day…”.   Almost heretical words for an Australian, but there is moderation in all things…or at least there should be.  I live in a part of the country named the Sunshine Coast, for pity’s sake!  I’ve seen precious little sunshine since I moved here ten months ago. Continue reading

The meaning of life?

I have been on something of a journey of discovery over the last year.  I knew my first year at university was going to be challenging, and also that it was going to teach me many new things…but I didn’t realise it was going to take so many threads from my life and actually weave them together in a way that actually makes sense. Continue reading