Mind your manners (online)

I have read many articles about how people behave differently online.  In many cases, the anonymity of an online profile frees one up from the consequences of speaking inadvisedly.  This has then encouraged some people to be deliberately provocative in what they say, knowing they will never personally be called to account. Continue reading

When the supermarket is empty…

…how do we survive?

This is a question quite a few people seem to be asking at present here in Queensland, at least based on the myriad of comments on news articles about panic buying. Continue reading

Where’s an ark when you need one?

I live in South-east Queensland, in Australia, which is currently suffering terrible flooding in a number of areas.  I watch the news each night, to find out what is happening.  It is horrifying to hear story after story of people who have had homes and businesses ruined by flood waters.  Whole townships have been flooded, and the damage is almost incalculable. Continue reading