Getting up and running again

Well, this is my first post in a while.  Blame it on life.  Prep classes before the uni semester started again, and of course, getting into the swing of the new semester.  Not to mention starting a new part-time job, and of course, getting the munchkin organised into various sporting activities.  It’s been hectic.

However, I finally found myself with time today to take a breath, and actually logged in here to see what’s been happening (aka, has anyone continued to visit my blog while it’s been static?).  Which, I am happy to say has been happening, and has cheered me immensely, and given me the boot in the pants to get started again.

My courses this semester include functional anatomy, and sports medicine, so I am sure they are going to jumpstart me in many new directions.  In addition, I continue to pursue the cause of clean and healthy food.

So here’s crossing my fingers that I get the ball rolling smoothly again.  And start writing something of substance.  😀

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